We Believe
in Challenging the Status Quo
We believe
we can change the world one project at a time
whale's tail sticking out of the ocean during day

About Us

Project Sigma is a recently constituted Nonprofit Organization, registered in the State of Florida with al required Certification and in the process of acquiring our 501(c)(3) Status with the IRS.

Project Sigma was incorporated with the intent of making an impact on our planet though worldwide operations on Land and Sea and committed to doing its part in making this world a better place.

Sigma is freedom and independence from politicized thoughts and belief, we thrive among free spirits
Our mission is to drive sustainable change by harnessing the power of innovation working on clean and renewable energy management, environmental and animal conservation, marine and ocean technology research, but also Community development and community support specially in STEM education for children at risk and Veterans advocacy and resources.

We achieve this by letting our actions be driven by our intellectual freedom and unchained thinking, by looking at the world with an Holistic view, addressing common problems and tackling them from unconventional angles.

We are crazy enough to think that only those who are so brave to believe they can change the world, will actually do so.

Protect them with us

Explore our oceans

We're dedicated into using our unique position to provide help for the most needy communities and help form the future generations.

Stem projects format risk youth
Stem projects format risk youth

What are you waiting for?

There is not better time to jump on board and help us make a change