We are working to create a set of scholarships for young people that are willing to work with us

Scholarships in the Philippines

At our core, we believe in nurturing talent and providing opportunities for growth. Our scholarship program is designed to support students who are eager to complete professional training courses, setting the foundation for potential employment in our upcoming Philippines headquarters.

We've established partnerships with a local professional training facility to educate our prospective employees in essential areas such as sales, entrepreneurship, digital media, and 3D design. These students represent the foundational team for our exciting future operations in the Philippines.

With these scholarships, we aim to empower individuals, equipping them with the knowledge and skills they need to embark on a successful career journey. Join us in building a brighter future for our Philippines operations while investing in the potential of our next generation of leaders.

Date. Start 2024

Location. Manila Philippines

Fundraising. Continuous from general donations

woman placing sticky notes on wall
woman placing sticky notes on wall