Whale Shepherd

Dive with us to study the Tyrrhenian Sea Cetacean Sanctuary

Whale Shepherd

A Marine Mammals research

The ocean, home to awe-inspiring cetaceans, holds countless secrets waiting to be revealed. Our mission at the Whale Shepherd Project is to unveil these mysteries while fostering a deep connection between the public and marine science.

In a world where cetaceans face growing challenges due to pollution, habitat degradation, and increasing traffic, we're determined to make a difference. Our pioneering initiative harnesses state-of-the-art technology and global collaboration to study the behavior and habitat of these magnificent marine giants.

But we're not just about research; we're about engagement. We aim to research marine life using boats, Marine Gliders and UAVs. These vehicles and pieces of equipment will not only facilitate groundbreaking scientific research but will also provide a platform for real-time engagement with the general public.

Imagine live streaming videos, images, and data collected by our researchers, bringing the wonders of the Tyrrhenian Cetacean Sanctuary directly to your screens. Our mission control center ensures you're part of every discovery in real time, promoting awareness and active participation in marine conservation.

Join us on this exciting journey to safeguard our oceans and their extraordinary inhabitants. Together, we can ensure a brighter, more sustainable future for cetaceans and marine life for generations to come.

black and white dolphin in water
black and white dolphin in water

Date. Start 2024 - TBD

Location. Italy-France-Monaco

Fundraising: Sponsorships and General Donations

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