Zero Emission Long Range Vessel: A small boat to travel the world emission free

Zero Emission Boat with wind and solar
Zero Emission Boat with wind and solar
Z.E.LO.RA.V (Zero Emission LOng RAnge Vessel)

Date. 2024

Location. Sarasota-Manatee county, Florida, USA, Planet Earth

Fundraise. Long term donations

One of our most ambitious R&D projects is a groundbreaking evolution of the "Off the Grid" concept, transitioning it from land to sea. Our vision is to design a vessel capable of independent worldwide travel, powered by cutting-edge energy systems that ensure both comfort and safety for the crew.

This project unfolds in stages across a range of vessels, addressing various budgets. We aim not only to accommodate our own financial constraints but also to inspire future pioneers with more accessible goals. While it's relatively simple to design a 100-ft concept catamaran with a multi-million-dollar budget, our mission is to retrofit everyday vessels.

Today, you may come across commercial catamarans fitted with solar panels, priced exorbitantly at over $2 million, or sailboats retrofitted to recharge batteries but still relying on diesel engines when the wind is absent. Our objective is to create a versatile vessel that harnesses multiple energy sources, stores energy efficiently at minimal cost, ensuring continuous travel regardless of conditions. Join us in reshaping the future of sea exploration and travel.