Fishing with Veterans

Empowering Veterans through Quality Time with their families, Purpose, and sense of Community

Fishing with Veterans' Families

Join us in preserving family bonds for our heroes in service. The project isn't just about veterans; it's for our active-duty military and first responders too. Many of these brave souls and their families endure the constant stress of separation, as they watch their loved ones head off to work or deployment, never knowing if they'll return. Long hours, days, and even months apart can strain these relationships.

We're not family therapists, but we've lived through the importance of quality time with loved ones. Our project involves a dedicated staff member who takes our heroes and their families on a fishing adventure in the stunning Gulf of Mexico. This simple act fosters family togetherness, reignites love, and helps rebuild bonds.

Your support is more than just giving back to veterans and first responders; it's about helping numerous lives impacted by strained relationships. When relationships reach the breaking point and lead to divorce, the innocent victims are often the children. They suffer the most from the changes and loss of unity.

To make this project a reality, we need your help. We require funding to acquire a boat, cover storage, maintenance, insurance, fuel, and pay the captain. Alternatively, we might need to rent or lease a boat when necessary. Expenses can accumulate rapidly, especially when it involves vehicles. Your donation can make a world of difference in preserving the unity of these heroic families.

Date. Start 2024 - Permanent

Location. USA, Florida

Fundraising. Continuous from general donations

man holding grey fish with ocean background
man holding grey fish with ocean background