STEM project for kids at risk

US Navy Seaperch for kids at risk

Many kids spend too much time alone and unsupervised out of school, leading them to search the company of other wherever they find it.Unfortunately many times they find it in the streets with the wrong people.Too many kids become victims at a very young age of drugs and crime or even worse they slowly become the people who live and die out of them.We strive to keep kids out of the streets and the influence of bad company showing them how interesting the world can be and how many beautiful paths life unfolds in front of them if only they decide to walk them.We work to open their minds and open a door to a brighter future and by keeping them longer in a safe and constructive environment like schools can be.We try to achieve that by planning, implementing and managing projects for after school activities that we propose to local schools and school districts with this purpose.We are creating and sponsoring an after school STEM program for middle schools on the base of the US NAVY SeaPerch CompetitionOur intent is to show kids the beauty of engineering and marine exploration SeaPerch Project is a US Navy supported competition for schools where kids build Underwater Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV) and compete with other schools up to the National Championship. We researched and prepared a build package with all the materials needed to build the ROV, all the documentation and basic build plans for the kids and we will train the teachers that will follow the team of little Engineers.

Date. Start 2024 - Permanent

Location. USA, Florida

Fundraising. Continuous from general donations