Triton 1

An artificial Reef research habitat

Triton 1 - Coral Reef Base

Artificial Coral Reef Underwater Lab

Coral reefs are under threat from a range of human activities, including pollution and overfishing.

As a result, many coral reefs are in a state of decline, and some have already been lost entirely. To address this critical issue, our project proposes the creation of an artificial coral reef with underwater habitat and lab that will serve as a research station for researchers and scientists to study the evolution of coral reefs in a controlled environment.

Currently, there is only one active underwater habitat in the world, which is primarily used for training purposes and partially used for marine research.

Our project aims to establish the first and only dedicated research laboratory for marine life, with a unique approach that involves the general public in the research process.

In addition to conducting scientific research, our underwater habitat will also serve as a platform for live streaming videos, images, and data collected by the researchers. Through the use of video-logs and mission control, we will provide real-time dissemination of the research findings to the general public.

This innovative approach to scientific research aims to increase public awareness and involvement in the conservation of marine life.

a person in a diving suit and goggles swims over a coral reef
a person in a diving suit and goggles swims over a coral reef

Date. Start 2024/2025 - Permanent

Location. Florida

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