Our Dreams and Long term Goals

Dream big, set goals, work smart, reach for the stars

Off Shore Research Base

In the realm of dreams, Project Sigma envisions the remarkable transformation of a decommissioned offshore oil rig into our offshore research base. This ambitious dream is the launchpad for a multitude of cutting-edge missions, pushing the boundaries of marine and energy technology in our imagination.

In this dream, the strategic conversion of the offshore platform offers an ideal setting for our research and development projects. Its sturdy structure, nearness to the ocean's depths, and state-of-the-art facilities make it the dream location for innovation. The converted rig becomes a hub for dreamlike creativity, equipped with dream labs and dream living quarters for our dedicated dream team.

In our dream, we see the ocean's depths mirroring the deep immersion we experience in offshore research. Diving into the deep sea and immersing ourselves deep into research share the same spirit of exploration, curiosity, and courage. This dream represents an incredible shift in focus, transcending the era of fossil fuels and embracing sustainability, knowledge, and discovery. Our offshore research base, in the realm of dreams, symbolizes our commitment to preserving the environment and advancing scientific understanding, all while breathing new life into a once-abandoned industrial structure. Dream with us as we explore the dreamlike future of marine and energy technology.

oil rig
oil rig
Our greatest dream

Deep Sea Jet

A long time Dream of one of the founders of the Project Sigma is to build a personal Submarine able to bring him down under the waves, flying through the water, exploring the depths of the ocean, experiencing what very few people had the chance to experience. Building a 1ATM submersible is all but an easy and cheap task, but the rewards can be unimaginable.​ But this is not a one man's dream only, we are convinced that once built the first, we can build others fo a price that many research institutes can afford to enhance their underwater exploration capabilities​.

Do you believe that exploring our world is something we must do?

yellow and black gas lamp
yellow and black gas lamp
Personal Submarine
Ocean Exploration museum
Ocean Exploration museum

Deep Sea Exploration Museum

Interactive Museum on Ocean exploration

Another huge dream we have is to Create a place for people to learn about marine exploration, see interesting vessels and machinery that helped in the process, play in ROV and Submarine piloting simulators, and eventually have the chance to really dive underwater and experience first hand the beauty of the world under the surface.

Our idea is recreating in small the concept of the Kennedy Space Center visitor complex, but in underwater Version.​

You like our Dream? Help us realize it donating and promoting our project.

Underwater life quarters

Research life and leisure in the deep

Undewater Life QuartersResearch, life and leisure in the deep

This is probably one of the greatest Dreams we have, and for sure one of the hardest to make real, but you know:

Dreaming is not a Sin.

There are very few fixed underwater living quarters in the world, our dream is to build one where we can accomodate not only researchers and scientists but also normal people that could enjoy the experience of living one or more days under the waves with a window opening directly on the marine life next to an artificial reef to see first hand what great improvement a little work can do.​

You think we are dreaming too much?

If there are people dreaming to reach the stars we can dream to reach a few feet underwater.

Would you like to help us reach for our own star?

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Submarine hotel quarters
Submarine hotel quarters