To all the dreamers, those who speak to the wind.
To the fools for love, the visionaries, to those who would give their life to fulfill a dream. To the outcasts, the rejected, the excluded.
To the true or presumed madmen.
To people of heart, to those who persist in believing in pure sentiment.
To all those who still get moved. A tribute to great aspirations, ideas, and dreams.
To those who never give up, to those who are ridiculed and judged.
To the poets of the everyday.
To the 'vincible,' and also to the defeated who are ready to rise and fight again.
To the forgotten heroes and the wanderers.
To those who, after fighting and losing for their ideals, still feel invincible.
To those who are not afraid to say what they think.
To those who have circled the world and to those who will one day.
To those who do not want to distinguish between reality and fiction.
To all the wandering knights. In some way, perhaps it's right and fitting...
To all the actors."