Let us present ourselves

Thank you for finding the time to meet us

1/29/20231 min read

Hello, I am Lorenzo Masolini, the President of Project Sigma, probably one of the many non-profit organization you can be finding around.
but we are not one of the many.

Everybody that gets involved in a non profit have big dreams.
Most people who create non profit and charities have dreams of making the perfect world, liberating our society from this and that problem, dreams of unicorns and rainbows, many other do so for the social recognition, some other, unfortunately, have dreams of power or bettering their own life most than anything else.

Fortunately there are really good people too, some seem to be just like angels, others are actually heroes.
I guess, well I am actually sure at least for myself, we are not any of those.
We are only humans, with our faults and fears, we are down to earth know know our limits and willing to just do our part to make of this world a better place.

You can find a lot of people addressing other speaking thousands of words from a pulpit and when done, staring at others waiting for them to do the dirty job.
We are also not that kind of people we are the ones on the back stage heads down getting the job done putting our time, effort and resources on the line.

We have big dreams for our organization, we work on earth while reaching for the stars.
But we know that even dreams need fuel and we are not able alone to provide all the fuel to bring our projects to life.

This is a call to action.
Our organization needs funds, for us like for any non profit funds are the fuel that propels our projects ahead.
Give us that fuel and watch what we can be able to do with that fuel.

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