Animal and Environment Protection Projects

In this section you can find Projects we are actively working on and need a deeper dive into the details before they are ready to receive the approval to be set on ready.
Some of them need only e few touchups and Public relations, some will be cooperation with other Organizations still to be defined, some other require prerequisites on our Organization structure to be implemented.

We hope we will be able to give a "GO" to most of these projects between 2023 and 2024

black rhino on field
black rhino on field
Save the Rhinos project

Date. 2022-2023

Location. Africa

Fundraising Event. Raffle with Prize to be defined

The White Rhinoceros is on the verge of extinction, the Black ones are on the same path, and the greatest threat to their survival is poaching.Hundreds of Rhinos are poached every year, their horns removed with chainsaw while they are still alive and they are left to die under the sun. Saving a species from extinction is far beyond saving animals from suffering an unjust an cruel death, is more than appeasing our conscience with some small actions. Avoiding a species from going extinct is saving our whole planet, is saving the beautiful biodiversity we are so lucky to witness every day, is sparing something priceless from going lost forever.Fighting this battle is standing our ground against those people that are trying to make this world worse every day. Rangers and private foundations are working relentlessly in Africa every day to save these and many other wonderful animals from poachers and from extinction. In the last 10 years they have been able to cut in half the number of animals poached, but is a race against time.And we are losing that race.​Project Sigma in willing to stand on anti poaching rangers' side, bring the fight on poachers turf, fight back with all means possible and win the battle.African Ranger fight every day overcoming incredible difficulties due to inadequate equipment, starting from the boots that walk them around the plains.If we want to hope changing the course of history we need to provide them the best equipment money can buy​The fundraising Auction we are organizing for 2023 aims to help us reach our goal of purchasing the best equipment possible for the IAPF (International Anti Poaching Foundation) that is so deeply involved in the protection of these animal?​We really hope you will attend our Auction and side with use to make this world a safer place for these beautiful animals.

Environmental Protection Projects

Date. Various single stage projects

Location. Worldwide

Fundraising. By Project

clear plastic water bottles
clear plastic water bottles

Our Organization is working tirelessly to address environmental and animal protection issue and then move to action and do what possible to better the situation.Environmental protection projects can be an incredibly wide range of projects and we will try to cover all: Air Sea and Land projects both environment and animal conservations.In some cases our project cross each other compounding the efforts and hopefully the results.Our work on off grid energy systems is aiming to making us able to create portable unites that conservation parks can use to energize remote location and improve their ability to monito the situation, create livable spaces for rangers and researchers to live for extended periods of time deep in the wilderness where they can keep an eye on the evolving situation.​We fundraise to devolve money to various other non profits that are working hands on to protect animals and environment, we purchase equipment, material and supplies to donate to entities operating on the ground for conservation purposes, we are working to create projects big enough to allow us to raise money to start purchasing land to create micro natural preserves for the wild animals to live protected.​Our marine research projects are all aiming to help scientist asses the situation, explore the deep sea, learn about our ecosystems and biodiversity, our Zero Emission Long Range Boat and our marine Glider are projects that both will allow long term and long range scientific missions to assess the health of our oceans and use those informations to help preserve our oceans.​We put no limits on our imagination and we don't put limit in yours, if you have an cause you would like to see us work on, just let us know we will evaluate it and will do our best t help preserve what will intact and restore what have been destroyed.