Our services

As any other non profit we depend on funds to operate, to fund our Organisation we offer to privates, companies and Marinas services like boat hull cleaning and power washing of boats and docks. We are able to offer both one time service and regular maintenance subscriptions.

Bottom cleaning

Revitalize your boat's performance with our expert hull cleaning service. Say goodbye to algae and barnacles, ensuring optimal efficiency and maneuverability. Choose us for precision cleaning that enhances both your boat and the environment.

Pressure washing boats, and docks

Discover the power of our professional pressure washing for boats and docks. Our high-pressure cleaning removes grime, algae, and salt buildup, ensuring a clean, safe, and aesthetically pleasing environment for your watercraft and waterfront structures

person holding underwater camera
person holding underwater camera
Bottom photo/video documenting

Dive into boat maintenance like never before. We capture high-resolution pictures and videos of your boat's bottom without the need for dry docking. Gain unparalleled insights into your vessel's condition, ensuring peace of mind and optimal performance on the open water

Our rates

While we are just starting with our services we are offering a "startup" 20% discount on all services